About Ashden India Renewable Energy Collective (AIREC)

The Ashden India Renewable Energy Collective (AIREC) is the network of India-based winners of the prestigious Ashden Awards. The Ashden Awards are international awards given to organisations promoting pro-poor and sustainable energy interventions. The Collective has among its members and supporters, Ashden and 20 successful organisations and entrepreneurs.

AIREC members are collectively committed to fostering sustainable energy access. AIREC constitutes a pan-India, technology-agnostic network sensitive to the energy and development needs of poor communities. While individually AIREC members are all active in developing and disseminating sustainable energy solutions; at a collective level, AIREC endeavours to develop a favourable ecosystem for large-scale deployment of decentralised renewable energy options in ways that spur economic growth and social development, while protecting the local and global environment.

Strength of the Collective derived from its members

A pan-India cross-technology presence ensures that the Collective is equipped to present a balanced and well-rounded view on decentralized renewable energy (DRE). The Collective members are leaders in a gamut of technologies (biomass, solar, wind) and innovations (in technology, business models, financing mechanisms). A common thread across all the members is their close and active connection with the community across different contexts, making the Collective an excellent point for gathering practitioner insights and ground realities. All of the Collective members are intimately involved with business, civil society, financial, and policy sectors. The Collective is committed to catalysing DRE in a bid to promote sustainable energy and improve energy access.